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Electric butterfly valve industry chain competition mode opens in China


At present, with the improvement of the economic level, China's electric butterfly valve has undergone qualitative changes in terms of grade and quality. Therefore, the old competition model of the electric butterfly valve industry has gradually been replaced by the industry chain competition model, which is more favorable. However, as the standard of living is getting higher and higher, especially with the rapid development of several major industries such as automobiles, furniture, medical machinery, and urban public transport, while bringing a huge market to electric butterfly valve companies, it has also raised one problem after another. And these problems all point to industry standardization.

It can be said that in the past, domestic enterprises were very helpless in the face of these "difficulties" that broke out in the industry. After years of development, when the electric butterfly valve industry has mastered advanced technology, the problems of metal materials and equipment have become increasingly prominent. Although these problems have been alleviated after years of hard work in the metallurgical industry and equipment manufacturing industry, they are still far from meeting the needs of electric butterfly valve manufacturers.

The electric butterfly valve industry has developed to today and has gradually entered the competition of the industrial chain from the price war and service competition of the past. The industrial chain must be completed by standardized means. Although the current standard system of the electric butterfly valve industry is not perfect, due to its early formulation, there is a considerable distance from the current market demand, and many standards are often just a "name explanation" today.

Especially compared with developed countries, the current national and industry standards are still relatively low, which leads to the weak competitiveness of my country's electric butterfly valve products in the international market. Therefore, electric butterfly valve manufacturers must keep up with the times and do a good job. The establishment and review process of the certification system related to the competition mode of the industrial chain.


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