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Points to consider when using and maintaining dredgers


Some 18 Inch Sand Dredgers lack navigational abilities and are always towed by tugboats when they change working positions; the sediment dug from the bottom of the water is poured into the waiting barge to be dragged away. Dredgers with their own sailing power work in channels where larger ships pass, sucking up silt with thick hoses. The silt is stored in tanks by the dredgers, and when they are full, they are driven overseas to be dumped. 

Produce dredgers have advantages in depth, strength, and quality: a favorable situation that can overwhelm the opponent. After years of painstaking research, the company has formed a set of high-tech systems that adopt a full hydraulic (hydraulic) type, have large processing capacities, are highly efficient, have rich (plump) experience in the manufacture of dredgers, and have a unique (paragon) method. Let me introduce them to you:

1. The Cutter Suction Dredger's movement should be flexible according to the geographical conditions, whether forward or backward. It must be cleaned up if there are large stones and mud.

2. Always double-check the chain (chain), screw (screw), pins, and fasteners at each fixed point of the transmission system.

3. When the dredger comes to a halt, the front diesel engine should be turned off first, followed by the rear diesel engine.

4. Temporarily halt operations in the event of high winds to avoid malfunctions, and halt operations when overhauling or replacing parts to avoid personal injury and death accidents.

5. During use, the screws of each part should be checked, lubricated, and maintained on a regular basis, particularly the hopper screws and chain pins, the four-corner wheel on the water, and the 500 reducer (divided into gear reducer, worm reducer, etc.) docking plate. All bolts (composed of head and screw rod) must be securely fastened. The underwater four-corner wheel, for example, should be filled with butter and lubricating oil on a regular basis. During the flood season or shutdown, the dredger should be tied to a solid object to keep it from being washed away or causing unnecessary losses.


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