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Introduction Of Plastic Recycling Washing Line


The characteristic of Plastic Recycling Machine is that it can effectively remove the plastic film containing sediment.

With the continuous development of agricultural technology and the improvement of people's living standards, agricultural film and greenhouse film have been widely used in agricultural technology, bringing huge benefits to the development of agriculture and the improvement of crop varieties. However, the extensive application of agricultural mulch also brings huge problems to land pollution and recycling. In addition, due to the application characteristics of agricultural mulch film, it has a large amount of sediment; it also brings huge problems to the recycling process. In view of this situation and the characteristics of agricultural mulch. Jiangsu Xinrong Pusi Machinery Co., Ltd. has developed a professional technical agricultural film cleaning and recycling granulation production line, which solves the problems of sediment and water in agricultural film recycling. At the same time, it solves the technical difficulties of dehydration, drying, granulation and high output. At present, it has been well applied in China. The specific process route is as follows:

Cleaning process: belt feeding - film crushing - high-speed spiral cleaning - pre-cleaning - low-speed cleaning - film desanding machine - rinsing - film squeezer - silo.

Due to the large content of sediment (50-60)%, there are many difficulties in recycling, and the problem of wear is very serious, especially for crushing tools and equipment, which seriously affects the output. According to its characteristics, the first pass The hydraulic baling and shearing integrated machine is used to pack the messy plastic film, cut according to 150-200MM, and cut each bale for 5-7 knives, and then carry out magnetic separation after passing through the belt, and then select the magnetic metal, and then enter the drum screen. The material is loosened in the trommel screen, and the sediment is initially discharged through the mesh. Then it enters the crusher. At this time, the material contains about 10% sediment, which greatly reduces the wear and tear on the crusher and tools. The crushed material is cleaned by high-speed spiral cleaning and desanding machine, and then enters the pad washing separator. The plastic stretches in the water, further sand is discharged by biaxial beating, and is separated from the sediment, and then enters the low-speed abrasive scrubbing for further cleaning, and enters the next level of rinsing tank for cleaning and separation. In the chemical state, the water content is about 7-8%. After the water is naturally evaporated into the storage room by wind, it is de-granulated. It adopts side-feeding forced feeding and two-stage filtration, and water ring granulation.

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