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The feature of Three-Function Electric Hospital Bed


Shuaner offers a Three-Function Electric Hospital Bed made in China. It is a high-quality Medical Bed manufacturer and factory in China. We are a Chinese company that offers customized product services. You can leave a message if you want a price list and a quotation. We will respond as soon as possible.

The Features of Three-Function Electric Hospital Bed

1. PP headboard and footboard, and 4 PP guardrails.

2. 4pcs 24V DCelectro-motor, 1pc control box.

a single handset

3. 4 urine hooks, 1 IV pole, and 4 luxury castor (2pcs with brake ,2pcs without brake)

4. The bed is specially designed for the care of elderly patients, and it is controlled by an electric motor similar to a chair.


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