Investment casting using silica sol is a great foundry method

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A less-cut or no-cut casting procedure is silica sol investment casting. It is a fantastic technology for the foundry sector and is applied in a variety of contexts. The ancient wax casting technique served as the foundation for investment casting. China, an ancient culture, was one of the first nations to employ this technique. The lost-wax casting method was invented by the laboring class of ancient China several hundred years ago, and it was used to cast bells, tripods, and other objects with beautiful patterns and characters, such as the Marquis Yi of Zeng's tomb in the Spring and Autumn Periods. Modern investment casting methods have achieved significant advancements on the basis of ancient processes after learning the lost wax casting technique handed down from ancient times and improving materials and processes. The advancement of the modern aviation industry has encouraged the use of investment casting, and the continuous improvement and perfection of investment casting has created favorable conditions for the aviation industry to improve its performance even further.

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